Our Purpose

  Our Spiritualist Church is here for any member of the public who might need help and comfort or knowledge about Spiritualism, the Seven Principles of Spiritualism and this way of life.  Questions can be asked and if we can answer them we will, or try to find the answer elsewhere.  We will always try to help in any way we can.  Please come along to a Sunday Service or one of our other events and see what we are about.  We strive for the Highest and the Best for Spirit, the World and Ourselves!    

Our History

The church was opened on the present site in June 1950 when Doris Annie Taylor, who became our first president, was inspired by Spirit that there was a need for a Spiritualist Church in Buxton; this was after services were being held above shops and in houses.  So the work began!  A group of friends of like minds held lots of coffee mornings, jumble sales (as they were known then) and other means of making money until enough was raised to start building.  Land was chosen with help and guidance from Spirit and then bought.  Alot of the work was done by local businesses, for example the Rostrum was built by Torr Street Joinery who later in 2009 replaced the windows with new UPVC ones.  Over the years most of the friends have now passed into the higher side of life but the church and their teachings are still here.  Since being built the church had seen many things happen, including, table moving, materialisation and transfiguration.  There has also been lots of proof of Life after "Death".  These things take time, patience and dedication.  We are hoping eventually to create some if not all of these events with the help from spirit and our own energies.  Many people who visit the Church comment on how lovely, calming and pleasant the atmosphere within the building is; those who work to keep the Church open hope this can continue. 


Upcoming Events